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  • Jacks Path of Courage The Life of JFK
  • Jacks Path of Courage The Life of JFK

Jacks Path of Courage The Life of JFK

  • Recommended Age: 5-8 Year Old
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Jacks Path of Courage The Life of JFK
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John F. Kennedy was a popular, charismatic US President, beloved by many. But he didn't always believe he had the strength or courage for that office. As a child he was sickly and also overshadowed by his strong, capable, and athletic older brother Joseph. After Joe Jr.'s death John had to work hard to live up to his own expectations and to those of his father. He overcame pain and self-doubt to see the country through one of the most difficult crises in its history.

This biographical sketch thoughtfully and respectfully highlights Kennedy's life from his young adulthood through his presidency. He is first seen as a teenager reading at his family's oceanfront home in Hyannis Port, MA. While his father encouraged competition among his children, young JFK couldn't help but feel he was constantly in the shadow of his older brother, Joe. But when Joe tragically died in a plane explosion, pressure was put on Jack to follow in his shoes.  The author's descriptive narration is spiced with memorable quotations and Tavares' larger than life illustration in the book. The realistic paintings portray the different periods in JFK's life with depth and detail, capturing his emotions, courage, and sovereignty while remaining true to this unique time in history. The book concludes with author and illustrator notes. This beautifully illustrated and gracefully told story serves as a sincere and good introduction to our 35th US President.

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