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  • Raging Planet When Mother Nature Gets Very Very Angry

Raging Planet When Mother Nature Gets Very Very Angry

  • Recommended Age: 6-12 Year Old
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Discovery Channel Raging Planet: When Mother Nature Gets Very, Very Angry!


Fans of the Discovery Channel series, Raging Planet, know there's no end to the way our planet can shake, rattle, and roll when Mother Nature rages. Now, with this book, you can continue to take a jaw-dropping journey around the world to witness some seriously spectacular displays of nature's power to turn destructive and deadly in a heartbeat. Tornadoes with winds gusts of over 300 miles per hour; Floods caused by two years worth of rain falling in a few days; Sea storms with ocean waves over 60 feet high; Earthquakes with the force of atomic bombs; Volcanic eruptions spewing heated rocks & gases...

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