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  • Wind Wild Dog

Wind Wild Dog

  • Recommended Age: 5-9 Year Old
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Wind Wild Dog
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Born in Alaska to a sled-dog mother, Ziva has one brown eye and one blue one, a trait that leads the mushers to call her "half-wild" and pass her by, buying other pups instead. When she is finally chosen by a musher, his training techniques are as patient and purposeful as his decision to let Ziva choose between her attachment to him and her longing to join the wolves she hears at night. In spare, precise prose, Ziva's story drives with understated dramatic tension toward a satisfying conclusion. Kiesler's oil paintings capture the clean beauty of the rural Alaska setting as well as the unique qualities of Ziva and the man. An appended page of "Author's Notes," arranged as a glossary, comments on 19 terms related to Alaska, sled dogs, and winter solstice. Telling an animal story with quiet dignity, this picture book will have appeal to children beyond the intended age range. Carolyn Phelan
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What will Ziva choose, her love for the Man or the freedom of the wild? 
Ziva heard the call of the wild. Most mushers believed that Ziva's eyes of different colors made her half wild, so no one wanted her. But one man took a liking to her.

As Ziva begins to trust the Man, she learns to use her wild energy to pull his sled, but she's torn between her love for the Man and the wolf's call. Will she stay . . . or go?

This story has been growing in Barbara Joosse's head since a friend told her about his dog, Ziva, who was "wild as a wolf and white as the snow." Kate Kiesler's striking full-color art perfectly captures Ziva's struggle in this powerful book.

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