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  • Mind Blowing Science
  • Mind Blowing Science
  • Mind Blowing Science
  • Mind Blowing Science
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Mind Blowing Science

  • Recommended Age: 4-5 Year Old
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This toy will blow your mind!

- Mind Blowing Science includes several fun science activities.vMaking magic ooze with a mind of its own.
- Playing with sand that never gets wet.
- Mixing safe chemicals (i.e. vinegar and baking soda).
- Watching colors change before your eyes.
- Some household products required.

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Why Our Experts Love It

We love experiments and making a volcano never gets old.

With Mind Blowing Science you can make ooze, 'dry' sand that doesn't get wet, and 8 other experiments. This is perennially one of our best sellers.

Gift Hint:Pick up a couple of these. You'll be happy you did when you are running late to a birthday party and all you have to do is reach in the closet, grab one and go. Done.
  • You become the lab assistant as your little scientist performs the experiments with the Mind-blowing Science kits using common household materials. He/She learns to measure, predict, investigate, and perhaps most importantly follow simple steps in order to get magic ooze or bubbling bubbles.
  • Taking turns is such an important skill for children to learn as they begin to head off to school and interact with more of their peers. Teach your preschooler that it's just as important to observe and record what happens when a friend adds an ingredient, as when it's his/her turn.
  • Take photographs of your child doing each step of the experiment. After you're done, have him/her put the pictures in order and describe what he/she did in each step.
  • Scientists always record their experiments and share them with their colleagues. Have your little one practice using his/her descriptive words to talk about the outcome of each experiment. This teaches your child cause and effect. For example, by mixing these two things we made a volcano erupt.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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