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  • Slackers Zipline Eagle Set 70 ft
  • Slackers Zipline Eagle Set 70 ft
  • Slackers Zipline Eagle Set 70 ft
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Slackers Zipline Eagle Set 70 ft

  • Recommended Age: 7 Year Old
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Flying fox, zip wire, aerial ropeslide... whatever you call it, fun zips in and takes over the premises.

A cable mounted on an incline is step one, then add the pulley, take a seat, and let gravity do all the work. Let the backyard ziplining adventures begin!

Slackers Zipline is one of the most exciting, smart cost-per-play products a family can own. As riders and watchers, both kids and adults are in on the action. Slackers Ziplines are so well made, such high quality - they are used for years.

Comfort and safety are built right in with an easy-grip trolley to hold on to during the ride and a comfortable flyer seat. An adjustable bracket between the two - it's a cinch to adjust to each rider's height.

Because most parts are already assembled, setting up the Slackers Zipline just takes 30 minutes, (or less if you're handy with a wrench). With complete instructions and a durable steel trolley, cable and hardware, the family will be on board in no time for extreme backyard fun.

Setting up your Zipline is simple and just takes a few minutes. Carefully following the instructions as a beginner is very important. View the video at the tab above the product image to see the simplicity of play with Slackers Zipline.

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