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  • Tie Dye Gertie Ball
  • Tie Dye Gertie Ball
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Tie Dye Gertie Ball

  • Recommended Age: 1-3 Year Old
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The World's Most Catchable Ball! You're going to love our Grooviest Gertie ever!

With wild colors for crazy fun, it's a rainbow of bouncy fun!

What makes a Gertie Ball so wonderful? It's the soft squishy, huggable feel! Gertie Balls have a unique, slightly-sticky surface that makes them extra easy to throw and catch - even for the youngest kids.

Simply inflate the balls to the desired size and skill level. Whether they are full and bouncy or soft and squeezable, Gertie Balls are always light and gentle, for both indoor and outdoor play. And it's the only ball that travels small! Deflate for easy packing, then reinflate quickly with the included straw. Blister carded and safe for all ages. Over 10 million sold. Fun for all ages!


Why Our Experts Love It

Gertie is the best ball! We love its amazing texture that makes it especially easy to hang on to. And the coolest part is that it is easy to inflate Gertie to different levels as your child's coordination and dexterity improve. Next thing you know, your child will be catching balls on his own field of dreams!
  • As your little one grows he/she uses his senses to learn about the world around him/her. Let your child feel the texture of the ball, push against it and bounce it to see how it reacts to his/her touch.

  • At first your child may not be coordinated enough to play catch. In fact, throwing a ball is much easier than catching it in the air. Until he/she develops this hand-eye coordination, practice by first sitting on the ground and rolling the ball back and forth to each other. This will get your child used to “catching” the ball with his/her hands or in his/her legs, while creating a sense of bonding with you.

  • Until your child feels comfortable catching the ball, you may want to try having him/her throw the ball to you and rolling it back to him/her on the floor.

  • Practice catching by starting at close range. Each time your child catches the ball at that distance, step back. Soon you will be standing and throwing the ball back and forth to each other. Now it’s time for the big leagues!

  • Playing with a ball can involve mental abilities as well as physical. Try standing in a circle with a few people. Tell your little one to throw the ball to whoever has their name called out loud. That way they have to think of who to throw it to before they release the ball.

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  • Choking Hazard Suffocation - children can choke or suffocate on un-inflated or broken balloons.
    Adult supervision required.