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Zoom Zoom Vehicles

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-1 Year Old
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Zoom Zoom Vehicles features 6 soft, surface-washable cars with lots of peek-a-boo windows and doors and plastic axels at the wheels so they roll when pushed by small or big hands. These vehicles are more than push toys, they are great learning toys!

VEHICLES 4.5 X 2.5


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Why Our Experts Love It

We LOVE Zoom Zoom Vehicles because the six cars can be held, squeezed, rolled, stacked and manipulated by opening doors and windows. With so much to do, your child will just love playing with them! Did we mention they are super soft for delicate little hands? They make a fantastic baby gift as well!
  • At first your baby will love to hug and squeeze these vehicles. Make a tower by stacking the Zoom Zoom Vehicles on top of each other and watch your infant giggle as he/she knocks it down.
  • Create a moment of bonding between you and your child by getting down on the floor and playing with him/her. Each of you can pick a vehicle (school bus, minivan, etc.) and create stories about cars. Explain to him/her what each vehicle does in town. Where will they take you? Does yours get a flat tire? How many children has the school bus picked up?
  • The sounds the vehicles make teach your baby about cause and effect. Some of the vehicles crinkle and some rattle. Your infant will learn how to repeat the actions that create his/her favorite sounds.
  • As far as learning toys go, your child can begin to learn prepositions by playing with you and the cars.  Place a big piece of paper on the ground and draw a road for your little one. Use words like up, down, inside and outside to describe the action of the cars as they move around.
  • As your baby gets older, you can reinforce these words by giving simple directions to get your child to move his/her car “down the road,” or “through the tunnel of blocks.”
  • Your child can develop his/her fine motor skills by opening and closing the doors and windows on the vehicles.
  • Use the colors on the toy to expose and teach your baby about colors in his/her world.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards