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  • Rock n Ball
  • Rock n Ball
  • Rock n Ball

Rock n Ball

  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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Helps extend tummy time and encourages development of gross motor skills and crawling


Enchants baby with its colorful design and fun features Easy to grasp, play with and enjoy!


3m+ months Fine Motor Skills Gross Motor Skills Imagination & Creativity 3-6 Months To help baby practice tummy time, allow baby to explore the colorful Rock & Ball toy while lying on his tummy. Let him play with the rings, gaze at the mirror and push the ball with his hands while developing her shoulder and neck muscles.


6+ Months Encourage your baby to explore the Rock & Ball and change its shape. Show her how the ball turns into a tambourine and changes back again. Point out the different qualities of the baby toy in each position. This quality of change fascinates babies and helps them understand more about object permanence.

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