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  • Octopal Squirters
  • Octopal Squirters
  • Octopal Squirters
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Octopal Squirters

  • 4.5
  • Brand: Tomy
  • Item Number: 108-065
  • Recommended Age: 1-5 Year Old
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Wonderful, colorful, floating bath island toy, featuring mummy octopus that acts as a pouring cup and her 8 little babies that can stick to the sides of the bath or tiles.

-Each baby is a water squirter and features a different number that corresponds to a number on the base for number matching fun
-12 Months +

Why Our Experts Love It

This is one of our favorite bath toys! There's no cuter octopus under the sea than this momma and her octet of octupus babies. Bathtime is an important time for Moms to get down to your child's level and do a little bonding. Use this opportunity to show your child how to match the octopus baby's number with the number on the momma's arm. This will surely take his/her mind off the bath if getting clean isn't really their thing. And toys like this one can even coax the most water-shy baby into the bath, especially when they see that they can rinse off with these fun squirters. Now what do under water giggles sound like?

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards