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  • Chubbies Ferry Boat
  • Chubbies Ferry Boat
  • Chubbies Ferry Boat
  • Chubbies Ferry Boat
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Chubbies Ferry Boat

  • Recommended Age: 1-2 Year Old
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Ahoy, Captain! We've got a schedule to keep to!

- This Chubbies Ferry Boat comes complete with 1 sea-faring figure and 1 Little Chubbies cars to transport.
- Features working on and off ramps as well as an underneath compartment for added vehicle storage.

- Goes from sea to land in a blink.
- This ferry floats in the tub and has wheels to be rolled along the floor!
- DIMENSIONS: 12 X 6 X 6

Why Our Experts Love It

We love toys that make bath time more fun!

The Chubbies Ferry Boat can also be used on land (it has little wheels to make car-transport a snap)!

Ferry cars, people and soap around the tub.

The boat actually floats well and goes straight. But we recommend not taking it out in rough seas.
  • Your little one will love this sturdy plastic boat.  Create a sense of bonding as you sit on the floor and push the boat and cars back and forth to each other.  With this educational toy you can improve your childs language skills by adding words to you actions like "boat" "sail" and "go fast."
  • Your little one can practice making the sounds of these vehicles. Pretend the boat has a horn, the car beeps as it backs up, the other car goes vroom!
  • Using construction paper or pictures cut from magazines, your child can create a backdrop for the Ferry Boat. Draw an island, make palm trees, or stay on the lookout for other ships on the horizon. Have your little one dock the ship and use the figures to look for buried treasure on the island.
  • Your child may want to dress up like a sailor and go on his/her own adventure with friends. You make a treasure hunt for them around the house. For example, hide a page of stickers under the couch and draw a map leading to it. Then send them on a little adventure of their own!
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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