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What to Expect During the First Year of your Baby’s Life


By Deanie Barth, MSPT, Physical Therapist


The 1st year of a child’s life (from newborn to approximately 1-year-old) is perhaps the busiest and most important for physical development. It is during this year when babies develop muscle strength and control to help hold their body up and move against gravity. In "physical-therapist-speak" – to initiate purposeful movement and complete simple tasks. And to acquire the skills that will eventually allow them to jump, run, play baseball, do gymnastics (and clean their room).


Deanie’s Milestones — Basics for your baby’s first year (as it pertains to physical development):



Deanie’s Favorite Toys for Newborns:


There are several toys for newborns available to help your child achieve these developmental milestones. Here are some of my personal favorites. To assist with developing initial neck and trunk strength, the best tummy time toys are the Super Mat and the Play House Gym. At 6 months I especially like toys to help a baby sit AND stand. The Wonderous Wedge is a great baby toy because not only will it encourage your child to sit independently by keeping him entertained with the various items on the sides, it’s a developmental toy that encourages your child to stand with support and explore the more intricate items at the top. At 9 months, the Chomp ‘n Clack is the perfect baby toy to introduce your child to his first steps.


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