from Corolle

COROLLE: OK, so here is the deal with Corolle dolls. We love them and have always loved them.

There is no-one more dedicated to making great dolls for kids than Corolle. A French Company, Corolle has been making dolls for kids for over 30 years. Their attention to the smallest detail is the best, and that is super important when super little hands will be pulling this doll every which way. Additionally, Corolle makes one of the most lifelike looking dolls out there. And with other dolls out there...there are ones that cost less and are worth alot less, and there are dolls that cost more, but frankly, we do not know whey they charge so much more. For us, Corolle is the perfect doll at the perfect price.

The Corolle collection stays young and fresh every year with the introduction of new dolls, updated fashions, accessories and more, resulting in a history that is rich in accomplishments, as our timeline shows. Some things, however, will never change: We will continue our attention to the smallest detail in our dolls, fashions and accessories. We will continue to do our best to be the best. And we will continue to make dolls that inspire magical childhood memories that will last for a lifetime.

A Doll for every age and every stage is what makes Corolle so great:

0–18 months +: As Baby begins to investigate her new world of shapes and textures and develops essential skills, she needs a snuggly security companion.

18 months +: As Baby transitions to the toddler years, she begins to imitate her parents and takes care of her “baby” the way her parents take care of her.

2/3 years +: Little girls at this age begin to act out many real-life situations with their dolls: They may become big sister, mother or babysitter. Baby dolls encourage nurturing play and inspire memories young girls will cherish forever.

4 years +: Girls begin to project themselves into their world and start to develop and value friendships. In turn, they are looking for best friend and confidant dolls.

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