eBeanstalk Copyright Terms


1. Intellectual Property Protection


The contents and design of the eBeanstalk and any material e-mailed to you or otherwise supplied to you in conjunction with the Site (such contents, design and materials being collectively referred to as the "eBeanstalk Content"), are copyright of eBeanstalk. You may not use or reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce any trade marks (such as the "eBeanstalk" name and logo or other trade names appearing on the Site) for any reason without written permission from eBeanstalk. The software which operates the Site is proprietary software and you may not use it except as expressly allowed under these Terms. You may not copy, reverse engineer, modify or otherwise deal with the software.


2. Use of eBeanstalk’s Content


You may retrieve and display eBeanstalk’s content on a computer screen or mobile telephone, print individual pages on paper (but not photocopy them) and store such pages in electronic form on your mobile telephone for your personal, non-commercial use. Except as expressly set out above, you may not reproduce, modify or in any way commercially exploit any of the Content. In particular, but without limiting the general application of the restrictions contained in the preceding sentence, you may not do any of the following without prior written permission from eBeanstalk:


  1. Reproduce or store in or transmit to any other web site, newsgroup, mailing list, electronic bulletin board, server or other storage device connected to a network or regularly or systematically store in electronic or print form, all or any part of the eBeanstalk Content, or
  2. Modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display, or in any way exploit all or any part of the eBeanstalk Content (including use as part of any library, archive or similar service) without the prior written consent of eBeanstalk,
  3. Remove the copyright or trade mark notice from any copies of eBeanstalk Content made under these Terms.
  4. Any use of eBeanstalk Content not specifically permitted above is expressly prohibited. Requests for permission for other uses may be sent to eBeanstalk, 50 Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854, and may be subject to a fee.


General Copyright Inquiries


Permission to re-publish articles and charts


We are happy to grant permission for the re-publication of our material in both print and electronic format subject to a copyright fee. If you would like permission to reproduce an article or instruction card, graduated play ideas, FAQ’s, et al, please contact eBeanstalk in writing with the following details: