Gifts for 4-Year-Old

Getting fun developmental learning gifts for a 4-year-old child that is educational is a big deal. Here at ebeanstalk we provide the largest selection of developmental, education and fun gifts for children. Find that special gift for 4-year old boys and 4-year old girls at ebeanstalk.

Gift Resource Guide

A Cheat-Sheet for a few of our favorite Gifts for 4 Year Olds & Unique Gift Ideas . Ok, so you don't feel like looking through everything for fun birthday party ideas. We understand. Keep this in mind as you are looking for gifts for 4 year olds. We love Marble Runs for creativity and open-ended play with a purpose. Balancing Boards are always fun birthday party ideas (for a little friendly competition). And a top selling gift all year long is a Drill Kit. And we put a few others below, that you should also give a quick look.

Your Road-Map for picking the right learning toys for 4 Year Olds:

  1. Target Age: When you are looking at toys, be sure to refer to the Target Age — the age when a child starts to get the most enjoyment.
  2. Developmental Milestones:
    Learn more about 4 Year Olds and the toys that make them grow & learn.
  3. Expert advice: Our child-experts matched all our toys, books and games to a child's development.
    Meet Our Child-Experts

How Children Grow & Learn

If you need unique gift ideas or birthday party ideas, remember this; all of the would-be gifts on ebeanstalk are matched to a child's stage of development. At four, unique gift ideas develop 'controlled freedom'(Games). Also, kids are speaking, believe it or not, about 1,500 words. And when they close in on Five Years, they are doing more gender-appropriate activities. That in a nutshell, is why we break our ages into quarterly steps, and the 4's are the last year we do this. We hope you enjoy finding unique gift ideas and birthday party ideas for this quickly evolving kid.