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Getting fun developmental learning toys for a baby that are educational is a big deal. Here at ebeanstalk we provide the largest selection of developmental, education and fun toys for children. Find that special toy for baby boys and baby girls at ebeanstalk.

Resource Guide

Here are some of our favorite baby toys broken down by stage:

Baby Toys for babies six months old:

  1. Balls for hand eye coordination
  2. Dolls and Doll Houses for emotional development

Baby Toys for babies up to 9 months old:

  1. Sports Bag Fill & Spill encourages role play
  2. Stack n Nest Cups have stimulating textures
  3. Wonder Walker to encourage walking

Baby Toys for babies up to 3 months:

  1. Stack and Sort Board teaches colors and shapes
  2. Press n Go Fire Truck teaches cause and effect

Additional resources for picking the right baby toys:

  1. Developmental Milestones: See how a baby develops across 7 different criteria within one year!
  2. Expert advice: Meet Our Child-Experts that matched all our toys, books and games to a child's development and read some of the latest articles on child development.

What to Expect During the First Year of your Baby's Life

By Deanie Barth, MSPT, Physical Therapist

Deanie's Milestones — Basics for your baby's first year (as it pertains to physical development):

  • At around 2-3 months, if a baby is placed on his side, he should be able to roll on to his back from his sides.
  • At around 4-5 months, the baby will start to roll from his back all the way to his stomach. At this time and in these positions, his abdominals, back and neck strength are starting to increase to prepare the baby for sitting independently.
  • Around 6 months, your child should be able to sit independently without support.
  • Somewhere around 8-9 months your child will start transitioning from sitting onto all fours and then begin crawling.
  • Around 9 months, your child will start to pull to stand and then start cruising using furniture.
  • Usually somewhere between 9 and 15 months of age, your little one will stand up and take a step or two. At first, they walk with their legs spread wide apart and their hands way up in the air. This helps to increase their base of support and assist their balance. As their muscles get stronger and their balance improves, you will see a narrower base of support and their arms lower until they are swinging appropriately at their sides.
Deanie's Favorites for Newborns:

There are several toys for newborns available to help your child achieve these developmental milestones. Here are some of my personal favorites. To assist with developing initial neck and trunk strength, the best tummy time toy is the Monkey In The Mirror. At 6 months I especially like toys to help a baby sit AND stand. The Wonderous Wedge is a great baby toy because not only will it encourage your child to sit independently by keeping him entertained with the various items on the sides, it’s a developmental toy that encourages your child to stand with support and explore the more intricate items at the top. At 9 months, the Chomp ‘n Clack is the perfect baby toy to introduce your child to his first steps.

About eBeanstalk

We started the company in 2006 with the premise that the children grow at a predictable pace. Yes, some may develop quicker than others while some develop more slowly — but in general kids develop at about the same rate. When they learn to walk. When they learn to talk. When they learn their abc's. But at the end of the day, while the probability and likelihood that any of kids will become the next Einstein is small, it does not mean that we won't give our kids the best tools to help them develop, learn and grow. The bottom line is that we will not, and should not settle for any less. We know it sounds cliche that 'the kids are our future' but it's the truth. So, let us start with the basics. The building blocks of good old fashioned (and some fangled ways) to help them become the best kids and young adults they can be. That is what we believe and that is what we strive for every day when we look through thousands upon thousands of the best learning and educational toys for your kids. And ours too. We hope you enjoy and our wonderfully unique assortment of items for kids.