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Getting fun developmental learning toys for a 4-year-old child that is educational is a big deal. Here at ebeanstalk we provide the largest selection of developmental, education and fun toys for children. Find that special toy for 4-year old boys and 4-year old girls at ebeanstalk.

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A Few of our Favorite Toys for 4 Year Olds, perfect for child development:

Your Road-Map for picking the right learning toys to help in child development:

  1. Target Age: When you are looking at toys, be sure to refer to the Target Age — the age when a child starts to get the most enjoyment.
  2. Developmental Milestones:
    See what a 4 Year Olds milestones are all about.
  3. Expert advice: Our child-experts matched all our toys, books and games to a child's development.
    Meet Our Child-Experts

How Children Grow & Learn

Do you know which toys for 4 year olds are the right ones? While most of us know what a 4 Year Old looks like, how fast they grow and mature — even the best of us need a little guidance on typical child development. So here is some help when it comes to buying educational toys for 4 Year Olds. First, we approached the 4's just like all our other ages — we put together a team of Child-Experts that know child development inside and out. According to the experts, there really is an explosion at 4...leaving the toddler days behind and becoming a kid, if that makes sense. Their imagination is running wild with imaginary playmates...they are doing simple spelling...and by the time they are almost 5 they are preferring gender appropriate activities...all typical child development.