Child Development Milestones for 5 Year Olds - Education


The following are the child development milestones for a 5 Year Old focusing on Education development. Our Child-Experts use these milestones for a 5 Year Old as a guideline for selecting all our educational toys, books and games. We have created the Head-to-Toe system - consisting of the seven developmental skills that every toy, book and game will help develop. From Imagination at the top of their heads to the locomotion skills at the tips of their toes. And every point in between.

Below are the Education skills to a 5 Year Old child, the associated Education developmental milestones and links to the age-appropriate educational toys.

Please keep in mind that all children develop at different speeds. If your child is not able to do all of these functions, do not be alarmed. These developmental milestones are a guideline. If you believe that your child is behind in learning and developing these skills please consult your pediatrician.


  • Likes to make own decisions and try new things
  • Often excludes other children in play - best friends only
  • Can take turns and share, but doesn't always want to
  • Distinguishes right from wrong, honest from dishonest, but does not recognize intent
  • Mental reasoning improves; will argue and link cause and effect. I wonêt talk to Ted because he hit me
  • Understands relations like parents, uncle, aunt, etc.
  • Understands that stories have a beginning, middle, and end
  • Can place objects in order from shortest to tallest
  • Can understand and use comparative terms like big, bigger, or biggest
  • Sorts objects by size
  • Identifies some letters of the alphabet and a few numbers (if taught)
  • Counts up to 10 objects
  • Recognizes categories (These are all animals; these are all toys.)
  • Understands before and after, above, and below
  • Has good attention span and can concentrate well
  • Is project minded - plans buildings, play scenarios, and drawings
  • Can understand time concepts like yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • Identifying coins
  • Talks about the past, present and future with a good sense of time
  • Know what household objects are used for, such as money, food, or appliances
  • Understand relationships between objects, such as the boy who is jumping rope.
  • Use the future tense, such as Let's go to the zoo tomorrow!
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