The Ebeanstalk experts have reviewed all the outstanding developmental toys that they have previously selected and have chosen those that would be most beneficial to skill development for ADHD and ADD. The deficient skills have been matched up with toys, books and games that would be most effective in the development of each specific need.

ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) can present a wide range of characteristics and behavior. Those with ADHD and those with ADD have trouble focusing and following instruction. Memory games and puzzles and other developmental toys can be very beneficial in improving concentration. Additionally, for ADHD, some specialists recommend physical activity and developmental sports toys can provide a setting for success and praise. Also, ADHD and ADD individuals may suffer from frustration and anxiety and it is very helpful for the individual to have various activities and developmental toys that may help with relaxation and provide happiness. With both ADHD and ADD, there is a broad spectrum of the severity of compromised skills.

Because of many common characteristics among those individual who are diagnosed as ADHD or ADD, we identified appropriate toys, books and games to aid skill development. These include, but are not limited to Alphabet, Language, Reading, Numbers, Memory, Dexterity, and Gross Motor Toys. Since each person is unique, the specific toys that would be most beneficial depend on both the individual special need, plus the level of severity.

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Rather than show you all the toys, books and games for people with this special need, we thought it would be better if you chose the category and subcategory that is right for your. Choosing what's right is complicated and hopefully it is a little easier with our approach. If you have any recommendations, please tell us on Facebook or call us at 877-359-3428.

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