Toddler Toys and Gifts


Toddler toys vary greatly depending on the age of the toddler because they go through so much change from 12-36 months. Each stage learns and grows in a different way and each toy should be targeted for a specific developmental stage. Here at Ebeanstalk, our experts have matched the best toddler toys to each stage.


Toddler toys
for 1 -2 year olds:
Toddler toys
for 2-3 year olds:
Toddler toys
for 3 Year olds:

  • 2 year olds are beginning to recognize letters of the alphabet and propelling themselves on a ride on toy.
  • At 2 ½, toddlers are talking to dolls, and really showing some independence, but they are having a tough time choosing between alternatives.
  • At almost 3, these toddlers are engaging in associative play, identifying objects that are longer and shorter and participating in group activities with greater ease. By far, our most popular category for this age is arts and crafts.

  • At 3 years, they are using symbolic toys in pretend play and counting from 1 to 3, and in some cases all the way to 10.
  • At 3 and ½ years, these little tykes are building 3 dimensional structures with blocks, tracing and copying shapes and even telling some simple stories.
  • Just about ready to leave the toddler-years, 3 and ¾ year olds are getting much more advanced in their imagination should be able to get dressed and do/undo buttons as well as snip with scissors and throw a ball and hit a target.