Toy Safety Information


A message from the founders about toy safety.


Dear Customers,


While we are dedicated to a child’s development and learning, we never compromise a child’s safety.


OUR MANUFACTURERS: We work with all of our manufacturers to ensure all safety steps have been made in the manufacturing process. If we are not satisfied, we remove the manufacturer from our site.


INTERNAL TESTING: Our team of child experts hand-pick every toy that is on our website and conduct their own tests to ensure that that the toy is age-appropriate. Many times a toy will be for ‘AGES 3+’ and our experts will move that toy to an older age group. Additionally, we conduct our own ‘wear-and-tear’ tests. If we don’t think a toy will stand up to the tough, daily grind of being a toy, we don’t want the toy.


RECALLS: Rest assured that NONE of the recalled toys from Mattel or Fisher Price have ever been sold at eBeanstalk. NOT ONE.


We recognize the seriousness of parents' concerns, and we never compromise when it comes to a child's safety.

Thank you for visiting ebeanstalk. If you have any other questions or comments, please call us at our toll free number.


Pat & Brian